Biographie englisch

Peter Indergand was born on 26 February 1957 in Crest, France. He is a Swiss citizen and currently lives in Frauenfeld, Switzerland.

He obtained his secondary school degree, followed by six semesters of art history and English studies at the University of Zurich. He then attended the American Film Institute AFI in Los Angeles, where he completed his degree in cinematography in 1982.

In 1984, Peter Indergand and Rolando Colla founded the film production company Peacock in Zurich. In 1989, Indergand left Peacock to concentrate on his work as director of photography.

He continued his collaboration with Rolando Colla with the feature films Le Monde à L’envers, Oltre il Confine and L’autre Moitié. The films of director Christian Frei have played a significant role in Peter Indergand’s career. He shot Frei’s documentary film Ricardo, Miriam y Fidel, followed by War Photographer which gained great acclaim. In addition to other awards, Peter Indergand has received an Emmy nomination for his work. Other films with Christian Frei have been The Giant Buddhas and Space Tourists.

Peter Indergand’s work includes collaboration with directors such as Markus Imboden, Miguel Alexandre, René Heisig, Marcel Gisler, Christoph Schaub or Julian Benedikt. The result of these collaborations are films such as the award winning Grüsse aus Kaschmir, the feature film Gran Paradiso or Play your own Thing, a film about the history of jazz in Europe.

The most recent films shot by Peter Indergand are the feature films Länger Leben directed by Lorenz Keiser as well as the documentaries Forbidden Voices by Barbara Miller, Wisdom of Change by Bettina Wilhelm, Journey to the Safest Place on Earth by Edgar Hagen, Wild Women – Gentle Beasts by Anka Schmid, Sleepless in New York by Christian Frei, and Electroboy by Marcel Gisler.

Peter Indergand has received numerous awards for his work as a cinematographer, such as the Gold Panda Award at the Sichuan TV Festival and the award for Best Photography at the Beldocs International Documentary film Film Festival.

Since 2011 Peter Indergand has been a regular lecturer at the Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft in Chur, Switzerland.